What is Chai?

Actually chai means tea in a lot of different languages.
So when we say chai tea, we say TEA TEA. Well I guess a drink so nice we name it twice.
Authentic chai is made from the classic spice blend we know as masala mixed with Ceylon tea. But in Asia you will come across a lot of different flavors or recipes.

We stick to the following spice blend for the masala chai:
Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, different kind of pepper, cloves and fennel.

What makes NOMADSCHAI different than any other chai?

As NOMADSCHAI is completely handmade from scratch and marinated in honey the chai will be perfect for home brews and behind the bar. The honey will give the chai a quick and intense infusion. We don’t add milk powder or white sugar.

How do I prepare chai at home?

Click here to go to the brewing page

How do I store chai?

Dark and cool, closed off to keep all the flavors in the tea.

How long can I store NOMADSCHAI?

Before opening you can store it for a year. But for the ultimate experience I would recommend to drink a batch within 3 months.

Can I double infuse?

This is completely up to you. I think as long as you add a bit of fresh chai you’ll be good.

What about the caffeine?

Chai contains black or green tea. So it contains caffeine. A lot less then espresso but will help you focus but not make you jittery. Especially the golden chai will make a great 4 o’clock pick me up. Click here to order.

How much is postage in The Netherlands?

Shipping costs are €1,99 under €30,-.
Free shipping over €30,-

Do you deliver everywhere in The Netherlands?

Yes! If you are outside of the Netherlands fill out the contact form and we will check if it is possible to ship to your country of choice.

Once payment is received, orders are generally processed and shipped within 2 business days. We dispatch Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. POSTNL will ship the next day.

After you order you will receive a confirmation email.
As we outsource the shipping we do not control the shipment from a to z. Please keep in mind there might be delays due to Covid-19 and the upcoming holidays.

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